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Treglazov Addresses the Nation

March 29, 2016

Welcome, wayward prophets!

I am told that my words exaggerate, but I say "No!"

In the past, we have known seers by the images of their dreams, their symbols of worlds to come. Yet the old prophets failed. Could oracles not be doubted because their insights pressed against the walls of belief? Weren't Ezekiel's dancing bones ignored by those who most needed their truth? Yes, because subjective visions fall short of those who cannot see.

We stand to innovate their legacy. We shall truly see so that others may find their sight in our wake.

Our species has come far. After millennia of biological evolution, humankind has changed the shape of evolution itself by developing digital networks, artificial intelligences, and decentralized robotic designs. The concepts that underlie new technologies are a new foundation, strange mutations from political traditions that no longer lead and ethical systems made simpering within their own fallen cathedrals.

These mutations, these new technologies, exceed their originals. The mold that now preserves information has changed the very nature of information itself. Content ceases to influence, and it gives way to the new forms that barrel down upon thinkers, priests, and senators alike who collapse, exhausted by inherited truths.

The world watches its leaders fall to scandal, sexual reverie, and bribes, all poison dripping from the serpent's wet tooth. What is this snake? We know. The adder in our garden is the power of new technology given free rein to dominate prestigious cultures. It lowers the bar for participation in public discourse while, in simultaneous contradiction, it closes everyone away from alternate opinions within self-affirming social media communities.

I know that I overstate the point. After all, you have come to Metamorphosis. You understand the freewheeling degradation that threatens each noble heritage, each family, and each personal history. In the darkness, you have looked toward the horizon for dawn. Now, you have come to feed by a fire that, soon, you all will bear into the world to light the paths of others who did not believe.

We are not a cult that thrives on hidden knowledge. What, after all, is a cult but another ideological echo chamber, a trap for initiates who befriend others who affirm desperate creeds? We are no such trash. The world shouts substance-less beliefs while we study the bonds that anchor their contradicting traditions into a mad pastiche. We affirm a reality that is, at once, ideologically supreme and materially provable ñ a reality that is superior because it is materially true!

Only what is true can, in the final word, rule. One word devoid of illusion is more powerful than libraries of beautiful lies. I know that word. Many of you know it as well. Those dear readers who do not yet know will soon learn.


The future lies in full view of every last man, woman, and child of Metamorphosis. Unlike the exclusive inner light of dead visionaries, we offer a vision evident to all who will simply turn their head toward our truth. We shall wield technology in its purity, unbastardized by the frivolity of click-bait and social media catcalls.

We are prosthetic gods. Let us take back the heavens...together.


We are prosthetic gods. Let us take back the heavens...together.

- K. Treglazov

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