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Transparency Woes Hinder Metamorphosis Expansion

March 28, 2016

The storybook version of Metamorphosis goes something like this: In a world where terrorism, disease, climate change, and the gap between the haves and have nots continues to prevail in spite of technological innovation, one man put to plan his brilliant vision for a perfect society.

But, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. And this eye is now everywhere and all-seeing. Watching over us, yes. But also staring us down. Looking through us. Keeping us in check, rather than keeping us safe.

The growing disconnect between the demands of the Metamorphosis government and the needs of its citizenry is apparently not a concern for the Overseer. Security cameras, originally intended solely for common areas, are now standard in Pre-Cal dorms. Government employees must submit to weekly dissections, once only a punishment for those who strayed.

Worse still are the increased Prizrak patrols. The Prizrak, the newly-minted police force of Metamorphosis, have gone from being a necessary evil to merely an evil. Their presence in the academic halls of the facility should worry even the most patriotic among us. And their increasingly strong-arm tactics have caused physical injury to several students.

Most troubling though has been the discontinuation of travel visas. It is wellknown that travel by Pre-Cals outside Metamorphosis is strictly forbidden, and has been since the nation’s founding. But travel by high-level employees, including those like myself in the media, was allowed on a case-by-case basis. This is no longer true.

The full-scale travel ban now extends to all nations of the world. And any communication with colleagues and correspondents outside Metamorphosis is, as of this morning, forbidden without exception. This communication blackout includes email, telephone, and parcel correspondence. Something disturbing has taken place in a very short while and right under our Noses.

However, our nation’s leaders see things a bit differently. In a speech yesterday evening, the Overseer described the new surveillance technology and more robust security presence as, “…insurance that we, [sic] do not end up on that dire path which has led to the ruin of so many formally great nations of the world, including France, Canada, and the United States.”

As a journalist who has visited, lived in, and/or worked in all three of those nations, I can assure the readers of this paper that they are not ‘in ruin.’ At the time of my joining Metamorphosis, each were, despite the usual issues faced by free nations, very much alive and well. It would seem rumors of their demise are greatly exaggerated by Mr. Treglazov.

The Overseer has always had a penchant for hyperbole and bold declarations. But, it is the opinion of this author that our nation’s unelected leader has lapsed into deceit and fear-mongering. His recent decision to forbid journalists from making contact with the larger world is shocking, to say the least. Most of us immigrated to Metamorphosis on the promise of safety. By keeping his promise, the Overseer has made slaves of all of us.

- Steven A. Dardaning, editor-in-chief

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