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Overseer's Statue Completed

March 30, 2016

The newest statue in the Overseer's office has been completed. It is the likeness of the great Tregalov himself, which stands steadfast in the company of the world's leaders he most admires and respects. This was the final, hand-carved statue commissioned for the Overseer’s office. According to the artist, who created the statues, this was his most difficult work. When asked why, he said, “Since there are no images of his face that are not censored, I had to carve the Overseer's face from memory.” When asked, the Overseer responded that the face on the statue was, quote, “Close enough.”

Citizens of Metamorphosis, in good standing, will be invited to tour the Overseer’s office this coming Monday, April 3rd, from 9:00AM - 5:00PM, to view the new addition for themselves, to receive a commemorative certificate to mark the day, and also receive a free ticket to attend the opening-day festivities of his new museum.

- Kelsey Gullickson

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