Metamorphosis . . . The Nation State

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Quotes from the Overseer

A Cooling Salve

Life in Metamorphosis must seem a cooling salve to the paper cuts endured by bureaucrats of other nations, their chubby fingers sliced to meat pulp from years of leafing through volumes of meaningless legislation.

~ Treglazov

Divine Calling

To provide for the safety and security of our citizens is more than civic obligation, it is a divine calling.

~ Treglazov


We admire the tenacity of wild flowers to sprout through pavement, even as their careless roots weaken our foundation. Flowers, like anything else, should never grow free, when freedom equals negligence.

~ Treglazov

Changing Evolution

Our species has come far. After millennia of biological evolution, humankind has changed the shape of evolution itself by developing digital networks, artificial intelligences, and decentralized robotic designs.

~ Treglazov

A Moral Compass

An ocean of data is little more than a watery grave for even the most intrepid explorers who would set sail without a moral compass to guide them.

~ Treglazov